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What is it?
An improved Remote Desktop solution that adds among many other things, the ability to scale and stretch your session window. 

Being frustrated with the Remote Desktop desktop solution in Windows, we decided to improve it.
If you're sitting with a small laptop screen and need to connect to multiple servers with different logins, you know our pain.

Remote Desktop is really bad when it comes to setting custom resolutions and if you use a resolution that is bigger than on your computer, you're stuck with scroll bars... and we all hate these.

Columbus Remote Desktop addresses these and other issues with below functionality.

So what can Columbus Remote Desktop do for you?

  • Scaling! You can finally scale and stretch your remote desktop window!
  • Define custom resolutions with previews
  • All your connections with different credentials and resolutions in one neat list
  • Your list of recent connections is encrypted with enterprise-level cryptography
  • Uses your GPU to work faster
  • Awesome UI design :)

In a screenshot you can see a 1920x1080 (FullHD) Remote Desktop window on a 1366x768 display


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